why TRY to be an Entrepreneur?

when you CAN be a Manager!

Our country is awash with Entrepreneurs, everyone "wants to be one." The internet has millions of stories about this guy and that gal, almost with no education, hitting it big and becoming a serial entrepreneur. It seems that a lack of formal education or/and even a touch of some mental challenge (like insensitivity) are attributes to becoming one.

The behaviour of big business, straightjacketed by rules and systems is driving ​frustrated employees to say; "I could do this better;" "I'm doing it anyway, lets get a like product and sell that to my existing "happy" customer(s)!" The nett result is, that you save up, ask family for some seed capital, or, on a shoe-string ~ in the back garage ~ with a heart overflowing with passion ~ launch your "ship" into the dangerous dark sea of adventure! This happens before anyone you have worked with for many years ~ is even out of bed!

the Entrepreneurial TRAP awaits! 

Many great thinkers, and writers on Business Development have determined the multiple personas of this Entrepreneurial Trap awaiting the unwary. A characteristic we often see is how overworked this word entrepreneur is. 100% of every coaching client we have helped over the last 10 years, see themselves, without any doubt ~ as an entrepreneur. They wonder why no-one "gets them?" No-one has the same passion, the commitment to this business, their proverbial baby, as they do. But, when we (Business Development coaches) start working with them, their fire has dwindled to a flicker, their vision of that future state is dimmed, and they have started to use the dreaded relative language.  (#relative2fall ~ more in a future post)

Uneasy sits the entrepreneurial hat, mostly because, although you call yourself an entrepreneur, and yes you did start the company, actually you're JUST one of the workers! Your job is to be the one everyone turns too, and even when they do their job, its not good enough for you, so you do it again! The 3 hats of the personas that make a business work are the stuff of Business Development legend. Simple yet effective they describe the work that needs to be done to make a business great.

However, the Principles of Excellence ~ of kaizen ~ the art of continuous improvement, is not an attribute of the typical entrepreneur. Mostly they couldn't be bothered with "stuff," they are prisoners of the future and can't spend another minute in the present looking to improve things. Yip, you got it, using hyperbola to make a point ~ because there is nothing like a generalisation to be absolutely wrong most of the time.

the Preserve of the Manager

As a Sales Process ~ revenue generation ~ business process guru, we can confidently say; "that every suffering sales team, promotes their best salesperson to the position of Sales Manager/supervisor" With disastrous outcome! But ~ being a good salesperson is JUST being a good technician of the selling process and nothing in that set of competencies supports being a good manager! In most small entrepreneurial led businesses that started out with a good idea and a "captured client," the entrepreneur is the "reluctant" salesperson, again, their inherent competencies are not optimal for this job.

Managers do three things;

  • they take the vision of the entrepreneur and produce the systems & processes that make that future state arrive,
  • they use their managerial skills to quantify the processes and systems that will produce their "mantra" of Quality, Quantity and Repeatability,
  • they tap their conducting batten, and using selected musicians that can follow a written musical score, produce the beautiful music of the well run company!

the Challenge

Do you think it would be possible (if you are an entrepreneur seeking to work "ON" your business) that, if you stayed in entrepreneurial mode and NEVER took on the challenge of being a (good) manager ~ THAT the desired future state would EVER be achieved? If Business Development work (which is all about systems, processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SoP's), bored you to tears, would abrogating responsibility to another  make it happen?

Sorry, No, as a leader and the responsible entrepreneur that created this baby, you have to take accountability for the successful building of your enterprise. Sure, the responsibility can be given to another, hopefully a manager and not a retreaded technician.​ Richard Branson, of whom I'm a big fan, doesn't run one of his companies. Without doubt he started them, had the great vision to spot what needed to be accomplished, but once he had a manager to deliver that future state ~ did he JUST leave them to it? He regularly reviewed their progress, while leaving them alone to deliver ~ the future state (NewCo).

Delivery is the key and that is why we have spend many sleepless nights and countless projects honing what we believe is a faultless delivery methodology. Called 5/7 process, we are so confident that it will bring that future state to your life & business, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Interested to know more?

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Peter French

Business Coaching is not consulting, it's also not therapy. It's a unique profession that lives somewhere in between these two poles - structured to leave lasting life and business value!

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