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As they say in the Real Estate industry, the most important things to consider when buying your home is, Position, Position and Position! After nearly 2 years of anecdotal outcomes in real life coaching experiences, we can say that the most important thing in Business Development is, exactly the same. Position defines where you are and the gap to where you want to be, but, there is another dynamic. The time of arrival and the speed to the target as shown on a GPS is also vital. So, maybe Position & ETA is our clarion call!

an Onlooker or a believer?

Chevalier Blondin made his name crossing Niagara Gorge on a tightrope for the first time on 30 June 1859. The story goes that after he crossed the chasm pushing a wheelbarrow, he offered someone in the crowd the chance to sit in the wheelbarrow and experience the ride. It is certainly easier and safer to just be one of the crowd, than to take on what may seems to be an esoteric and time consuming activity of building your own EED (Electronic Executive Dashboard). What will it take to convince you?

Would you undertake a long trip without some planning about which road on a MAP to take and where to stop to fill-up or rest? You need to know your position on that trip or the planning does not help. If you have to find a new location in an unknown part of town, and arrive for your meeting on time, would you trust anything but a GPS to navigate and estimate road conditions and arrival time? Can you believe in these highlighted signs?

how about a FREE EED?

Our experience and belief in the effectiveness of this, or any BI (Business Intelligence) tool, is so great that we have to give it away. As Pablo Picasso is renowned to have said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” So, here is the gift. In IT we often talk about a “Golden Bullet”, something, when implemented will fix the problem. Also, the conversation can be peppered by the word “Killer App,” basically, you don’t need anything else, and the problems of the world will just disappear.

But, we have taught this way of working, as represented by the tool, to a number of entrepreneurs over the past 2 years and the correlation between success and no movement is characterised by those entrepreneurs that are believers and who engage with the process and tool, whatever is used, in a constructive way. They are believers, not onlookers.

criteria for success

  • engage fully and believe that your speedometer/GPS tool, as represented by the EED will; tell you where you are; what still has to be accomplished on the path to delivery; and whether your intervention is moving the needle in the right direction,
  • NAME the projects so that they take on a life of their own and become the language used by the extended team in referring to the activities that deliver the overall objective; recognise contributions with this name on the awards,
  • the 5/7 golden bullet; don’t try and do too much, we have experienced that not more than 5 concurrently running projects, each with not more than 7 milestones to be reached on the completed journey. Each of those milestones may have a number of tasks associated with them. This is what you need to review in a timely, regular and rhythmic basis – without accepting excuses for non-delivery or unaccepted engagement levels,
  • select the attributes that your intuition tells you to measure, some of the data will come from your monthly management accounts, some will require a small system somewhere in the organisation that will collect the data to be visualised. Our tool caters for 20 visualisations but that is probably twice as many as you should use in your first year. Accept that the data you are visualising may be dirty, and in the second year cleaner but in the third, reliable enough to stake your life on.

call to action!

Everywhere we find executive entrepreneurs who are visionary, or technical shape shifters but cannot engage the numbers in their businesses. Its just not “IN” them and they try to work “ON” their businesses, so the fall back, the comfort zone, is to ignore the numbers. This is a recipe for disaster or underperformance. Give us 2 meetings, one to plan and one to implement and you WILL see positive change “IF” you implement in a coordinated and constructive way. Hello tomorrow, a bright future awaits!

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