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Thank you for considering Peter French – certified Business Development coach, to provide specified skills and outcomes in your enterprise. Should you decided to engage, you will be directed, through our payment portal, to the PayPal secure service. Here you may create a free account for ease of repetitive transactions. Or, simply use your Credit/Debit card to complete the process.

Your transaction details are secured by the PayPal account and your credit/debit card details will not be exposed to any vendor with whom you may transact. All interventions are delivered via a Conference Call over a free call-server or Internet VoIP protocol.

Community Outreach – pro bono

In honour of the exemplary leadership life of Nelson Mandela, we offer 67 minutes of free form coaching to anyone using the Eventbrite booking process.

There are no limits to the number of people attending the meeting or the number of meetings you need to use, in pursuit of relevant knowledge to build your entrepreneurial business.

ad hoc Advisory Offering

This offering will allow you to specify a single hour to deliver Advisory support for your pre-defined Business Development outcomes. You may book and plan any number of hours billed in advance, for the scheduled intervention(s). For example, 2x1hr segments over your defined time horizon, will require you to process the payment twice. You may elect to transact and place the desired event in our mutual diaries at the same time.

Premier Coaching Offering

Our premier Coaching service provides a 2x1hour coaching session over your defined timeline! We have found that a fortnight between sessions is optimal. These sessions are primarily for the coached, but at your discretion you may invite an additional 2 management members to the sessions. They will also receive individual attention.

There are a number of unique deliverables that are part of the coaching experience that are not delivered in either the Advisory or on-site offering. These difference may be viewed in the Comparison Table. When you buy 2×1 hour coaching time sessions, they are “called off” at your discretion.

Block-booking Offering

Selecting this offering will acquire a 4hr. tranche of set time duration, for interventions like a workshop or Business Process facilitation. The cost of the event is billed by block and not by the number of attendees. By repeated transactions, you can select multiples of the 4hr. segments to specify the number of segments required for the proposed event. For example, a full day – or 2 back-to-back sessions – would require 2x4hrs or 8hrs in total.

Outcomes Value based engagement

Services based agreements are not easy to manage because the outcomes are sometimes not fully defined, or the measurements of the outcomes difficult to collect. Engagements for providing a service, often depend on the perceived value for the receiver and when that value is no longer received, the engagement is terminated, often without an outcome and therefore low/no Return on Investment.

Please contact us for a two-step process of goal definition & negotiated outcomes delivery identification. These agreements have a duration of 3 months, automatically renewable every month at the discretion of the receiver. A documented example may be found here.