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- autonomous robots could to a better job

A concept in Business Development coaching, is to make the entrepreneur, the implementation manager, or the super technician, redundant to enhance the performance health of a business process.

This is the DRIVER - if you don’t automate you wake up to find; you don’t have a job, an enterprise, any work or a Business Asset of Value that is worthless!

  • 1000 driverless electric Buses in New York City this year
  • deployed NOW, cross country 18 wheelers without a driver
  • Medical diagnosis lifting GP's 20% correct ratio to 80%
  • semi and autonomous driverless vehicles, why own wheels?
driverless semi-autonomous autonomous vehicles
IBM Watson Analytics

IBM’s Watson computer system was specifically developed to answer unstructured questions on the quiz show Jeopardy! In 2011, Watson competed on Jeopardy! against former winners. Watson received the first place prize of $1 million.

Watson had access to 200 million pages of structured and unstructured content consuming four terabytes of disk storage including the full text of Wikipedia,

An Entrepreneurs primary goal

- to become redundant and be replaced

To move from todays chaos to a structured repeatable and designed outcome business ~ does that mean robotics?  Do we wait for Artificial Intelligence to reach some type of maturity enabling IT to replace the Entrepreneur or the Coach?


We must start doing that now because, if we succeed, we will build an autonomously driven enterprise!   That is why, this Franchise model is so important, because it holds the golden truth of a Franchisee’s business can become totally autonomous from its Franchisor.

electronic digital girl

Build the franchise model;

The franchisee gets a business with ready made Brand awareness and back office Process maturity that ensures that the product is supportive of the original vision and values.

The franchisor, can operate hands-off, because their mature processes runs the remote business and makes sure, that the franchisee is unable to “corrupt the brand value” while it makes them and the franchisor an Asset of some Value.

Does that sound like automation?

The MOVEMENT from todays chaos, of ~ at minimum ~ work that only partly works, or is something you’d like to improve, so you can live in an exotic place while your enterprise churns out annuity ~ if that is a far away unattainable goal, then start building this model in your life and enterprise.

Did this sea change of Artificial Intelligence happen overnight?  No, there was a vision & the Leaders, the game changers, mapped out the “way”, the managers assembled the team, and the super technicians built the future.

Mars Rover - autonomous survey and research

So, if going to MARS seems too far away, then, use replacement automation so you could do the science without being stressed, undertaking the risk, digging the rocks etc., in that hostile environment, but, getting the outcome you desire ~ the data to do greater things.

Does that profile sound like your job, your enterprise?

Millions of data points are assembled, sampled every second so that the device can self correct and product that famous mantra of the managed - repeatable, quality and quantity.   Just so, a future NewCo will not happen until you use a way to measure progress toward a goal and review that in a rhythmic no-nonsense way.

If you want some ideas, if you want some tools, some methods that will get you to driverless elegance, we may have the answers.

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