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(there is) NO link between “your” values and “perceived” value?

Nobody cares about your company values is exactly that, they might care to engage with you because of HOW your “articulated and lived” values attract them, but will it make them buy? Yes, you say, and you’d be correct, because emotional connections could drive a sale. However, all the emotional connection in the world is not going to leave the buyer with an intellectual satisfaction that the “deal” has left relative value for the cost expended. After you get the puppy home will you still love it in the morning?

the Problem with Communication

. . is the illusion, that it has been accomplished – George Bernard Shaw; herein lies the issue because the value you have determined has to be comprehended by the receiver of that communication. So, how do you ensure Value Clarity in the hands of the receiver?

If I offered you a Bag of Money (BoM) and said to you there is $10,000 in the bag and you can have it for $1,000, would you do the deal? Probably, the first thing you’d want to do is;

  • can I count it (evidence) to verify your claim?
  • is it legal and not counterfeited notes (credibility)?

Once you satisfied yourself, and even if you didn’t have the money handy, you would beg or borrow or reassign the funds to do the deal. So the formula for gaining value clarity can be stated as follows;

If you don’t achieve value clarity your deals will slip and slide and be lost to those that do achieve these criteria in the mind of the prospect. Do you think you could build a product or service value hypothesis that contains these elements? We could help do this, why not bring the issues you are struggling with to a pro bono 1 hour discussion using our FREE community outreach offering. If the set-time for that offering does not fit your needs, just schedule the hour here; 

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