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Emily Dickinson (1830–86) wrote – A WORD is dead, When it is said. Some say. I say it just Begins to live That day!

As an inveterate collector of quotation from eminent people, the poem got us thinking of the words we use in coaching. What are we trying to achieve? We use the perspective of, Inspiration, Education, Application and Implementation, and although we certainly operate in the first two we are continually being drawn to help, to show and even “doin the last two (not wrong but is it sustainable?) Will the words you use “live” in the hearts of those you lead, coach, manage? Or, will they, like the parable (Matthew 13:1-9) fall on the Path, Rocky Ground, in the Thorns or Fertile ground? Is our responsibility to say the words alone or prepare the ground for the fertile acceptance of the words to build “some” Asset of Value? (AoV)

the 9 Leadership Challenge themes

When we learnt about these themes we knew that, somewhere inside them resided the seminal key to frustrations coaching. We intellectually understood them, and the great webinar from EMyth on the Shadow and Light side of a leadership challenge, coupled with practical understanding that most leaders present with one of the frustrations, meant that they took on even greater importance. It is a short hop to understanding that a Frustration is a direct result of a Challenge Theme and therein is the challenge. To prepare the soil and use words that makes a difference to the entrepreneur’s life and Asset of Value. If we can’t break this mould, expose the links to a fertile and receptive mind then our delivered value will have a half-life of a couple of months.

Positive Intelligence Quotient

Shirzad Chamine has written one of the best business books we have ever read under the title of Positive Intelligence. Although he uses different labels, there is a marked relationship between the models. Our perspective is that we need to go meta, we need to get to the root cause of the Frustration, and therefore the Leadership Challenge that is, or could be, a contributing factor. With respect, the focus is broadly on the business and how fixing this relationship can have positive business outcomes. To look at the other side of this coin, Shirzad looks at our brain. What are the underlying causes for us to be Distracted, have Fear of engaging with a project/people, Procrastinating etc., in short going meta on how we impact relationships with; your family, your teenager, or any (Business) Leadership Challenge Theme.

call to action

This depiction of the Iceberg of Conflict demonstrates where we HIDE and can operate with no returns. It’s nice to know the Business Frustrations, to even link them back the Leadership Challenge Theme and then to jump in and help fix the POSITION from a Business Perspective – but, an our perspective states, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Einstein, so. . .

Use this book to understand the primeval sate of our brain to feed and protect your (and those we serve/lead) Saboteurs that create and maintain those negative aspects of our characters. Take a free 2 minute Positive Quotient for yourself or even your team and start the exercises (yes, get your brain into the gym) to reap the positive outcomes from building your Sage Power which, we all have, but seldom use.

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