the Sales Funnel is dead!

Long live the spiral

As a sale professional, I was brought up on the concept of a sales funnel, I’ve written about it, taught it, and practiced it.sales_funnel

Then I met EMyth Business Development. They, counter intuitively, taught me a new sales process. One which started with caring for my prospect’s desire to engage, passed through proving our competence in solving that need and finally, through 3 more “Emotional Benchmarks” of challenging them to “change their status-quo” by owning the outcome using the array of services available from EMyth

​Building a funnel is all about process and system. Each step or phase in the funnel is acted upon by “tasks” that are designed to move suspects from the “wild”, to qualified prospects and finally entries in the order book. Because we are embarking on the process to meet a specific outcome. Salespeople start with the end in mind and “push the prospect uphill” to the outcome – all along the outcome is known to all parties – buy this from me!

"My" EMyth spiral alternative

A spiral revenue model starts at the big end of the spiral with a small introductory sell, like, let me, through our discussion, show that I am caring in understanding your need, while helping you understand, that this is truly the need you require fixing (root cause).

Understanding this root cause can enable the next step, which is to convince them (and yourself!) that together we have the wherewithal to solve this most pressing need. Therefore, the first rung of this upward spiral, solve (or understand) their most pressing need, on the second rung the need flows from the first, then lastly, the decision to engage is plain to them.

Call to Action

Build your sales process on an upward spiral of complexity. Whether you charge for a workshop as an entry point to your greater outcome, or give the first step away for FREE, is irrelevant. You must lead the client from their need, to their conclusion and finally engagement. EMyth likes to say – get out of the way of the sale – do this, and you will differentiate yourself, your product and your company. Drive up your closing ratio and may even find that your funnel becomes a predictable, manageable, solid, efficient & effective “pipe” with no leaks.

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