T.A.S.C. to-do or not-to-do

Are you as disappointed with the outcome of planning in your small to medium enterprise as I am? As a business development coach, “grafted” into the ~ "gut-feel I need to make a plan" ~ activity, the entrepreneur works hard with our outside influence, using traditional business thinking, to produce a plan. That never gets implemented, or, that is only ½ implemented. That becomes a dust gathering arch-lever file on the shelf!

the 4 steps in planning

Identify a problem; "we are being spammed", defines a symptom;  "personal data is insecure", search for a cause; "the network is compromised", points to a solution; "install a biometric access device!"

4 reasons HOW to plan?

  • Transparency
  • ​Accessibility
  • ​Simplification
  • ​Centralisation

A plan needs to incorporate your community and that could include your “captured” clients. If they have been positively influenced by your product or services, they could be a perfect representation of others in your market that could also get value from you.

*8* reasons WHY to plan?

  • ​1-MANAGE
  • ​3-SILO
  • ​4-STATIC
  • ​5-WIDGET
  • ​6-MEASURE​
  • ​7-TOUGH

your Vision, Value & Purpose must have a great influence on business direction - missing this vital link will produce an environment of a thankless "job"

We spend an enormous amount of deflected energy trying to “talk up” our essence - the way we do things here - but with little outcome in the every day life and client interaction of our enterprise. The enterprise SoD, gives us a ready template to influence this crucial attribute in planning the future.

Not every business dynamic is equal, but failure to make at least 2 ~ Sales and Finance ~ work optimally could mean the death of the business, or at best, a business that does not reach it's full potential.

what now?

We all are aware how a franchise works, it is staffed by high school students working for pocket money and/or university graduates that are searching for business experience. Neither employee category could be seen as taking the work to start and build a career. They are there for the work, the job, the salary, tips, to get "out", a variety of reasons ~ but not to engaged in a cause greater than their lives. To make a difference to the world. But yet, they produce product and deliver it almost universally in exactly the same way, quality, quantity and customer satisfaction as defined by some vastly remote franchise owner. In short, the system works, produces sustainable results, delivers the expectation of the customer and is a source of annuity revenue and profits for the apex owner. Having this as a pattern is a great start to planning.

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Peter French

Business Coaching is not consulting, it's also not therapy. It's a unique profession that lives somewhere in between these two poles - structured to leave lasting life and business value!

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