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teaching Hindu to a Beagle

I have recently been introduced to the “blessing(s)” of teaching grandchildren through helping with their school homework. Hopefully, without getting into Political Correctness ~ we’ve so far failed to influence their habits with “putting down” the toilet seat. Thinking about our expectations of a positive outcome, brought to mind this old saying about teaching a […]

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Recently, we had a great outcome from applying a counter intuitive solution to what looked like “not a problem at all!” My prospect didn’t want to speak about sales training or optimised revenue generation tactics, changing business processes or additional world best practice methods and tools. Their problem was they had too many opportunities breaking down […]

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leading or bleeding?

“All things are twofold, one opposite the other, and He has made nothing incomplete.” Sir. 42:24  Nowhere do we propose that there are good and bad entrepreneurial aptitudes, only, that applied incorrectly they can have unintended consequences. We’ve been around too long, and tried out too many tools to believe that there is an assessment that can […]

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