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In South Africa it seems, that just about everything “Must Fall” People dance in the streets to get their way. Nothing is sacred, from the Statues of Colonialism to the State President of the Day to NO University Fees, everything must FALL!

Hence the HashTag above, because much of the symbolic sound(s) we hear, is much like - that which is coming from an unhappy entrepreneur who is being continually “held back” by their own creation - the enterprise they founded, lead, runs, and is  generally, THEY are the dogs body that all enterprise systems seem to rely on.

The only problem is that the “tail” - in this case the system - is wagging the entrepreneurial dog!

A man was standing over his newborn and misty eyed he remarked “fabulous, exciting, unbelievable, unique” his wife was overwhelmed by his show of emotion and slipping her arm around his waist, kissed him passionately.

She understood without reserve, that he was talking about their bonny baby, but . . . .

The trouble started when he said “how could anyone make such a beautiful crib for just $50!

the SuperSalesperson

So, if you were to say; "We're in a sales slump!"

How do you define a sales slump? is it less than expected, or does the revenue have the feast & famine sine wave?

What do you think contributes to a sales slump?

“is it your people, your product, your price, or your presence in the market?”

It’s those @#$%^&*() salespeople, they just don’t get it! - Unfortunately nothing has been fixed, we still have the problem, in fact, it might even get worse as the frustrated entrepreneur fires the salespeople and then "buys" someone else superstar!

Albert Einstein when asked, "if you have an hour to save the world. . ." answered; “If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

A defined problem can contain, in its very definition, the seeds of its own solution. Very often, the solution is quite obvious and straightforward but is hidden in ambiguous language.

Telling stories is based on 2 different paradigms, one a MIRROR story - when you hold it up to reflect reality. Then, a WINDOW which you can “look through” to see the players & obstruction details as the story unfolding.

Defining a Problem

First make sure you #symbolism2FALL

then follow these steps;

  • DEFINE; Use both the “story” methods to fully understand the PrimeProblem, this is the burning platform which we must vacate - or - we undertake to live with it!
  • the IMPACT that this problem is having on you, the organisation, the staff, our customers - you try to name the “target!”,
  • the CONSEQUENCES of NOT moving from our burning platform as well as the the outcomes of MOVING, with the measurements of what we will MISS if we don't jump - or - possibly, what we could GAIN if we do - use the mantra DRIVER - MOVEMENT - METRIC
  • apply the MOTHER test, would your mother understand the DEFINITION of this problem? Make it short but make it telling
  • the 5W’s are used in our project definition tool, but here, use Toyota kaizen 5 Why’s to drill down into the problem.

Define & Name the problem!

the Phoenix project

Why do you think, that the problem should be named? see the Project Paradigm 

Here is a sample definition; to build a new warehouse on the grounds where the old warehouse burnt down - or - the Phoenix project!  If the answer to the 1st Why? is another problem, great, you’re drilling into the meta, the stuff below the problem that could be causing the prime problem. 2nd Why? down a level, “Why is that a problem?” until you identify not a problem but an identifiable deliverable METRIC. It is then likely that the problem just before the metric is the prime problem.

We’re not getting enough deals from the salespeople!

  • Why is that a problem?
  • They are inept!
  • Why is that a problem?
  • They are ripping us off and not doing enough?
  • Why is that a problem?
  • They are not closely managed - everyone does their own thing!
  • Why is that a problem?
  • We don’t have a measurement tool like a defined sales process!

get the idea? - quod erat demonstrandum - QED - what was to be demonstrated

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