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Business Development Mentor/Initiator

Seeking out a space for strategic consultative thinking, to attract and satisfy the ability for lateral, large business problem solving; including a significant component of Sales Business Process optimisation in growing enterprises; coupled with a strong ability to influence corporate change; relationship skills in the “C” suite; with the ability to project manage a delivered “Workable, Value Based” solution.

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Personal Details


Location: Matgate, United Kingdom

Age: unrecognised impediment



deliverable outcomes

skills, honed through 10,000 hrs. . . 

Business Process Design

especially the Revenue Generation process which consists of; Marketing; Sales and Delivery that is optimised through unique tools, training and practical experience  


as part of the seminal ability to attract customers to your table, ​used ​with the concentrated thought ​& action ​that ​protects the brand ​at all costs, while delivering its promise

​Unpacking true Potential

whether the enterprise requires; breaking a glass ceiling to GROW, or; fixing something to SURVIVE, or; preparing for equity buy-out; we have endured the experience! 

Big picture & detail

often counter intuitively, concentrating on where we ultimately want to be, requires that we start to look like, behave like & deliver like the end result NOW, but, to make it happen we have to be very focused on the path!

our mantra ~ the 5c's

self assessment of ability

  • care
  • competence
  • challenge
  • commitment
  • creativity

lastly, the Creativity of unique ideas, coupled through a ProvenPath(™) methodology, delivering pragmatic solutions, to produce an interaction that is memorable.

WORK experience

MY day IS SPENT . . .

how I spend my time
  • Our Enterprise Governance
  • Family
  • Assignments
  • Building Intelectual Property
  • Motivation
  • Dreaming
  • Managing
  • Reading for New Ideas
  • Board Duties


Business Development

CoyOf1~SA & UK

trained with IBM & EMyth to consult and coach the "C" suite on the correct deployment of the Revenue Generation Business Process by ​changing the vision of managers

APRIL 1994 -JUNE 2012

Sales Process Optimisation

QUADS - South Africa

founder of the Strategic Sales Skill Strategies (QUADS), sales optimasation consultancy, bringing world best practice to the sales process by training individual salespeople

MARCH 1970 - APRIL 1994

Territory Manager

IBM - South Africa

​schooled and trained across the world by the masters of marketing ​& sales to be able to ​add value to the "C" level manager who is stiving for business process success


SEPT 2000 - JUNE 2017

​Revenue Generation Process

EMyth/AURIK Business Incubator

Fundamental coaching process and Business Development IP, implemented in a Incubator Small and Medium enterprise with Entrepreneurial Founder/Owner

SEPT 1970 - JUNE 2000

Consulting the "C" suite Member

IBM Schools

Consulting to the "C" suite to optimise their deployment of the revenue generation process from Branding through Marketing and Sales deployment with a special emphasis on Delivery

SEPT 1966 - JUNE 1980

Tertiary Experience

Witwatersrand CATE

Business Process and Electronics Light Current

BLOG portfolio​​​​

we write for our perfect client;

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