Outcome by design or chance?

I’m a great fan of Richard Branson and enjoyed this video, made by his son, it’s only 10 minutes and doesn’t tell you much, unless, you listen closely and become INSPIRED* how your life – or your business, which is a reflection of you – could change.

This is what I heard;

  • these people lucked out by taking a giant leap into the unknown and landing on their feet – without a guide it could be that you land even deeper in the mire! Change comes from an INSPIRATION* to create, difficult on your own but with a guide. . .
  • they changed only when their work became intolerable, as one said, the “day to day existence was a kind of death”; why wait to be on a burning platform before you take an EDUCATED* look on how to shape ~ rather than be ~ a prisoner of the future?
  • passion is the key to a satisfying life, job, career and a place to work. If you don’t see the passion that once YOU characterised in your business, YOU need to get it infused again by understanding how to APPLY* change.
  • most entrepreneurs I work with are drained, they are overwhelmed and sucked dry by their businesses, they feel they give more than they get, but, one of those interviewed identified this as not how it should be – a guide can show you how to “get more than you give” by co-creating change through an IMPLEMENTATION* method that guarantees success.
  • the outcome – “glide” into a dream job – “get a moment of clarity” create YOUR visionary environment where you can excel and your employees don’t “plod” through work until they reach this point of disengagement,

Why wait for that “special moment” that may never come? Why take a leap of faith and have an outcome determined by fate? Why settle for a “partly functional” business or business life when a passionate and fulfilling existence can be your reward? Get a guide, to partner with a like minded mentor and you could create an Asset of great Value.