one step from hero to zero

“and a torturous long path back to the top!”

Quite a long time ago, I was watching the US Open tennis, and I heard the commentator, Patrick McEnroe say, “for all intents and purposes, that player has an actual injury which will be the reason he looses this match, but, mentally he has already lost and the injury has been created by his mind to substantiate his lack of performance!” (not quoted verbatim)

Could this be true, could the state of my business, the people I hire, the essence our teams brings to process engagement, our customer satisfaction outcomes, be attributed to the leaders “state of mind?” A fun way of looking at this, is a model from an unknown author, which I found on LinkedIn modified to add the attribute ATTITUDE. (download FULL size)

I'm not heavy his my brother!

EVERY entrepreneur we engage with, is overwhelmed by some aspect of their business life ~ or the impact of that life on their health, personal life or state of mind. They know what they want, what should be possible, but the path back to that future state is just too long, too difficult or traverses the unknown. That is the elephant in the room. Should we engage with a knowledge source to change this? Should we change it at all? What will people think if I show vulnerability in this regard? Where do I start? Most of them had that attitude in spades when they started as entrepreneurs, but they have been worn down by the realities of life and survival.

It’s all very well telling me that I have to “eat this elephant ~ one bite at a time,” but even from the very first bite I get indigestion, reality rushes in and I go back to fighting fires. We keep very close track of all the conversations we have with entrepreneurs as we practice the Care for their outcome, with subject Competence which might bring them to the point where we can Challenge them to engage with the Commitment to make a change. (see page 89 e-book “herding cats”) Anecdotally, if they don't "DO" something, whatever the time frame, "X" years from that first contact, they are still struggle with the same issues. There has been no change for the better. Their vision of what their enterprise could be is still stuck in the chaos of everyday life. You'll never have a better outcome by doing the same things.

"reengage your attitude to make change happen!"

PLAN is a four letter word which we use at the beginning of the year, but if the outcomes of the plan, designed to add value ~ to make a difference, were delivered, would the chaos still be there ~ wouldn’t we be closer to our future state vision? So, is it the plans fault or our ability to deliver that plan to reality? In our experience, the single most important factor in delivering lasting change is to "DO" just that ~ delivery. Because this is the absolute fulcrum for leaving value it sits at the heart of our business ~ and should also occupy that place in yours.

You need to find someone who has the tools and skills to help you;

  • list the things that you want to change that will have impact in delivering that “future state” of your System of Delivery* (the WHAT)
  • helps you prioritise those things given their importance and impact (the WHY)
  • helps you define the best way to deliver them which will include and enhance your employees engagement (the 5/7 Project review)
  • allows you to track progress in delivery, keeping participants honest to the process which guarantees delivery ** (the EED - value delivered)

Do you need to start eating that big grey elephant without indigestion? We think we could help ~ why not book a no obligation, FREE hour, and experience our;

"Care & Competence"

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Peter French

Business Coaching is not consulting, it's also not therapy. It's a unique profession that lives somewhere in between these two poles - structured to leave lasting life and business value!

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