Building lasting Business Relationships

~ that moves the business ball forward!

Drinking tea with a customer - or entertaining them prior to closing a deal - to try and build rapport with them, in the hope that they will sense a personal commitment and relationship with us ~ hopefully resulting in business ~ is, in our view, a fallacy.

It’s just spending Cost of Sales without, or with little chance of, producing a profitable outcome.

A business meeting has two objectives, to bring customer perceived value to the table, and have a defined agenda outcome that moves the business relationship forward, by defining next steps.

in our personal lives,

we uses the three attributes of our VALUES, which defines the essence of who we are. This informs the VISION we create, of where we are going, and becomes the PURPOSE, the motivation of why we get out of bed every morning!

WHEN we fall in love with someone, it becomes the reason for what we produce ~ our work & striving, and it translates into “stuff” we deliver to our loves ones.

Our responsibilities covered, health insurance, home, picket fence etc., this WORK, is what we live and exist for,

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“Our WORK encompasses our lives.”

however, in business,

our life, values vision and purpose ~ define our work! So, when we deliver this value to our prospective customer, we gain credibility and trust which produces in THEM a desire to build a relationship with us.

“Our LIFE encompasses our work.”

Our focus as individuals, and the enterprise as a whole, is in delivering prospect perceived value to “earn the right” as they say in Rugby League ~ to go wide. To own the waterfront relationship with a client.

If your life is consumed by work then work is encompassing your life - your life is defined by your work, and when that work  is less than what you expected it can eat you up. A lot of entrepreneurial angst comes from this very fact that they define themselves by their creation ~ the business. It is a hard taskmaster and if it has you in a neck-lock, then everything will suffer, your health, your relationships and your ability to think outside the chaos of the business. To stand outside and look at it as an object ~ in the hackneyed coaching lingo, working “ON” your business rather than “IN” it!

As the Entrepreneurial leader, look for the destructive habit that easily form and are difficult to break by continually checking for them, highlighting them to everyone. Certify our staff not to unconsciously form and reinforce them. Given this understanding, every prospective client or customer interaction will be delivered so that it builds client perception of value and rapport.

Unless we deliver something of value, and it can be sustained in the wider organisation, nothing changes. Our coaching & mentoring sessions may be a pleasant diversion but, UNLESS enterprise value is delivered, value is left “up in the air!”

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Peter French

Business Coaching is not consulting, it's also not therapy. It's a unique profession that lives somewhere in between these two poles - structured to leave lasting life and business value!

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