I need to hire a WorryCoach

Two executives were talking; “Lets do lunch”, I can’t, I have too many worries at work. Oh, why is that, you should hire a WorryCoach. What is that? Oh it’s someone I use to take on all my worries and now I have none, I am FREE! What a great idea, how much does it cost? About US$320 a month and I meet him for 2 hours a month. Wow, that is expensive, can you afford that. I don’t know, I let them worry about that!

We all try to climb the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs but, abdicating the evolution of self and that of our organisation to another, means that you climb a slippery slope that can well see you backslide “Go directly to Start – do not pass GO – do not receive $200!” A bit tongue in cheek, but it does demonstrate that failure to get to those underlying causes means you may be seeing only the outcomes. Sometimes we need an outside guide to hear our pain, listen to our problem, and help us to see what our real problems are, sometimes, “in a counter-intuitive (to us) way.”

  • Systemic thinking is one of the most important principles of Leadership. Real change starts at the top.
  • This process is about self-awareness and systemisation. A conscious organisation seeks both intelligence and solutions, not just solutions.
  • You need a tool for everyone in your business to own their contributions to their frustrations so they can learn about themselves, grow personally and professionally, and create a business that really works.
  • You are most likely, avoiding to look at the root causes without realising it, and as a result, struggle repeatedly to address symptoms but not causes.

Professional Business Development helps, but does not address merely the symptoms ~ the obvious distress of the plant – we help you find and address the root causes. Like the plant is too loved, and is being overwatered. We lead you to real solutions by finding & solving the deeper causes, underneath the symptoms you perceive as the problem. In our experience, supported by many references, this gives the outcome longevity in the organisation. Content is what’s in front of you, what’s in your face. Context refers to the broader situation in which the content arises. It speaks to the conditions that are present, inside of which the frustration shows up. Context based thinking allows for systemic or holistic thinking; seeing the separate parts as interconnected and part of the whole. Real transformation only happens at the level of Context. Example: A late employee is content. An uninspired culture without accountability is the context. Context requires…

  • you to step back from the problem,
  • through introspection and "real" thoughtful understanding of organisational considerations,
  • use a willingness to face fear and change,
  • have a willingness to look at sometimes painful ways of relating to things.

Systematic Change

Because organisms have hierarchy of needs, it gives us a great way to look at a business ~ after all it is an entity which parallels a living organism. As the organisation grows, its needs to change and this can be expressed as a Maturity and Competence hierarchy.

To lift your organisation up this ladder requires us to find the root cause of problems. Different problems for different times in the life cycle. Creating understanding and change is a system, much like the system you are trying to create to address the underlying root cause of the frustration that may be identifiable in your organisation. We describes the sources of these frustrations as follows;​

  • Self-Directed frustrations: You consider yourself to be the major source of the problem. You blame yourself, or at least hold yourself responsible.
  • Outer-Directed frustrations: You consider someone or something else to be the source of the problem. You hold someone else or some external condition responsible.
  • System-Directed frustrations: Your business systems and processes, or lack of them, are clearly the source of the problem. There is no blame or even personal responsibility, just a statement of a frustrating condition.

So where do I start?

We subscribe to a professional body of knowledge that has been created over the 40 years.  Most of the work done though engaging small business owners in the building of something of value ~ an Asset of Value ~ to support and enhance your life, to be a great place to be associated with and to have monetary value should your desire to sell or maintain the annuity revenue.

Reaching that break-through!

We use simple and sustainable tools and methodologies to help you through this process. Use this FREE worksheet to start defining for yourself how you can work “ON” your business rather than “IN” it. If you need any help getting started, a pro~bono hour is offered under the community service banner of “67 minutes for Nelson” in honour of our great passed leader.

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Peter French

Business Coaching is not consulting, it's also not therapy. It's a unique profession that lives somewhere in between these two poles - structured to leave lasting life and business value!

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