herding cats

named for the frustration of getting everyone aligned

herding cats, eBook using coaching methods in the revenue generation process

What motivates one to write a book? You may have something to say, or, its because everyone else is doing it? It might bring some level of recognition so that you are seen as a guru on the subject? In our case, it was to do something unusual, to write about our passion for the Revenue Generation Process but, to use the perspective of Business Development. Enlightened by the methodologies and learning that came with our certification in the EMyth process, we felt that sales looked at from the entrepreneurial perspective, Building a Legacy (™), may be something unique and new.

Salespeople, almost by definition, do not take kindly to routine, process and paperwork. They “kick against the traces” at every turn making them sometimes the most difficult employees to manage. Great when everything is working, but the proverbial PitA when things go wrong. Like hugging a cactus you normally come away with a scar or two. Because of that, its easy for the leader to abdicate their involvement in the sales process choosing rather other safer pastures, accepting the untrustworthy forecast and the mini crisis of hung-up deals that slip and slide.

At the Company of ONE we know from experience that entrepreneurs & business leaders know, that to Building a Legacy (™) (BaL) they need a working Sales Process, with a team that will forecast volumes and close scenarios with a degree of accuracy. It becomes one of the most telling factors that positively influence the ability to

  • retain the best people at the least cost of sale
  • that history and accuracy build a positive discounting factor in enterprise valuation
  • not to squander your most valuable asset – your brand value and prospective clients

Ideas and practical advice to build your System of Delivery (SoD), based on business development coaching, that are critical to help the leader of an enterprise to be in effective control. These will produce the business value and controlled growth that you seek. Liberally sprinkled with free tools and demo models that make the ideas come to life in your enterprise

At the moment, the book is available in iBook & PDF format (the iBooks app. is a freely available iOS and MAC reading tool). When you see the value in the book, you may also be inspired to buy a perpetual licence (ZAR10.00that gives you access to all new versions and upgrades of the book ~ FOREVER! Once you complete the secure purchase process you will receive an e-mail with links to download the iBook and/or PDF format. Your comments on format, errors of content or readability are welcomed. The current release – v3-052018 – Please share your comments with us via eMail or, use the link in the button below to book a FREE teleconference to discuss any clarification or changes you'd like to see.

I found the book to be very easy to read and INSPIRING, with tons of helpful "war stories" with easy tools that can be IMPLEMENTED immediately or form the basis of what could be APPLIED to our business