The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) have been published to protect the consumer  by prescribing certain standards for those that collect and retain your on-line data. Please accept, that our implementation of these rules, does not in any way constitute professional advice or direction to your implementation ~ but is only provided as information on how we have complied with GDPR rulings. In a nutshell, you may not rely on this as legal advice, or as a recommendation of any particular legal understanding.

GDPR for short is built around key principles.

  • Giving citizens and residents more control of their personal data
  • Simplifying regulations for international businesses
  • folder-open
    unifying regulation that stands across the European Union (EU)

define consent?

Customer or individual consent has been redefined and become much tighter. Requests for consent (an example ~ to be added to an eMail marketing database) can no longer be hidden in small print but must be presented clearly, and separately to other policies on the website or "Opt-IN" pop-up forms, so no more pre-ticked or assumption boxes. Consent may not be required for pre-existing personal data, as long as you have a legal basis of retention, that’s compliant with the current legislation (the DPA). The principle here is that inactivity is no longer a legitimate way to confirm consent!

our future opt-in process adopted

Explicit Consent Checkbox: Data Minimisation

This specific feature, will allow someone, who would like to download something of value from our web-site ~ either directly, or as a result of a followed link in an eMail, to do so without joining our mailing list. Entering your eMail information and name will allow us to either add you to our database or deliver the asset without recording your details. Your consent will be required by ticking a consent box.

current data protection and maintenance

Subscribe, Unsubscribe,  Deletion, Accuracy

If your contact details are already recorded in our database of subscribers, you may have received our monthly notification of a BLOG article relating to our experiences "News from the Front". These articles strive to bring to your attention issues we have identified in our clients & prospects. They cover our thoughtful solutions for your consideration. The footer section of these mails are specific to the eMails addressee, so, following these links will take you to the relevant form to achieve your desired outcome.

subscribe & whitelist


data accuracy

access to these facilities without eMail links

It is possible, that you may have deleted all previous examples of our BLOG notification eMails that contain you personalised links. Should that be the case, please click this eMail icon, to drop us a secure, personal eMail requesting that the links be sent to you either on the eMail address used or one that may be recorded in the body of your eMail. This is not an automated offering but one which is moderated by the responsible owner of your data used by the Company of ONE!

Security, Accountability, Retention

We use two tools to retain and keep track of visitors to our web-site and those that have requested inclusion in our database. MailChimp keeps contact names and related eMail addresses and ThriveThemes provides the pop-up Opt-In forms, along with the Content Management of our Intellectual Property. We believe we have chosen industry leading exponents that are Accountable and provide top level industry leading Security of your limited depth data which will be Retained as long as you decide ~ or, the Company of ONE operates as a legal entity.