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Due to the unfavourable exchange rates between the US$ and the South African Rand, (looking better every day though) we have decided to change our currency base for all transactions in our practice. From December 2015 we will bill in ZAR (South African Rand).

Having moved our practice to the United Kingdom, we need to start billing in a relationship to the UK Pound as soon as the registration and permissions are granted. 

This will give our South African clients a more stable figure for budgeting the future. Because of the fall in the value of the Rand, this will enable our cross-border clients to gain a huge benefit by using their strong currencies. The system accepts any Credit or Debit cards and your banking institution will look after the exchange rate on the day.

herding cats

eBook v2-3009 FREE - GNU licence

  • easy to read 100 pages
  • full of practical tips and free download tools

forever FREE

No credit card required.

herding cats

perpetual licence

  • all the current version offers
  • access to every new version as it is released

R10 otc

multiple payment options

ad hoc

advisory offering

prime licence holder

you gain access to specify ad hoc hour(s) that fit your plan. We support your stated BizDev goals & work on your TopOfMind challenges.


no contract commitment 1x1hr/call off event 

multiple payment options


coaching offering

the main coached 

+ 2 designated managers

our premier service will assist you to reach your BizDev goals through a 2x1 hour coaching session to be called off over your defined time line!


no contract commitment 2x1hr/m call

 multiple payment options



no limit

4hr. half-day event  like an on-site workshop. The cost of the event is billed per hour & not by the number of attendees.


4hrs - specify AM/PM

multiple payment options


for real - pay on outcome!

the main coached

an outcomes value based engagement* where the elements of change are mutually managed to achieve defined outcomes. 


3 month commitment 2x1hr/m call

multiple payment options

Please use the calendar to schedule a 60 minute discussion where the content, delivery date and outcomes will be documented.