engagement options

We have completed the move of our practice to the United Kingdom, and so, we have applied GBP ~£standards to our pricing. These changes have resulted in our offerings being competitively priced in that market.

Our secure payment system is based on the PayPal transaction engine which is both fast and secure. It gives you the option to see your purchase in your home currency, as well as creating new, or using your existing PayPal account for a repeat transaction. Alternatively, for a single transaction, using a credit/debit card, which would require you to have your card details to hand. Please contact accounts at the CompanyOfONE HERE if you have any difficulties.

herding cats

launch v2-3009 FREE - GNU licence

  • easy to read 100 pages
  • full of practical tips 
  • plus-square-o
    free download tools

forever free

requires your eMail address

herding cats

perpetual licence

  • bug-free with new ideas
  • perpetual version licence
  • implementation support
  • current v3-052018.

£5 - otc*

one-time charge


team group intervention

one or multiples of a 4hr. tranche, used for something  like a kick-off workshop or assignment. The engagement is billed per block & not by the number of attendees.


"air time" ~ pre-meeting

ad hoc hour

advisory offering

you gain access to a specify ad hoc hour that fit your agenda. We support your stated #BizDev goals & work on your Top-Of-Mind challenges.


"air time" ~ pre-meeting


for real ~ pay on outcome

the main coached 

an outcomes value based engagement* where the elements of change are mutually managed to achieve defined outcomes.


contracted outcome commitment


coaching offering

the main coached 

+ 2 designated influencers,

our premier service will assist you to reach your BizDev goals through a 2x1 hour coaching session to be called off over your defined time line!


no contract commitment "air time" ~ pre-meeting

Please use the calendar to schedule a 60 minute discussion where the content agenda, delivery date and expected outcomes will be documented.