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are the outcome(s) and the process connected?

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 27: (L-R) Juan Smith and CJ van der Linde of South Africa scrum down with Andrew Sheridan and Lewis Moody of England during the Investec Challenge match between England and South Africa at Twickenham Stadium on November 27, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Juan Smith; CJ van der Linde; Andrew Sheridan; Lewis Moody

Ah the mysteries of the Rugby League scrum. Having always been physically bigger than my peers at school, I was press-ganged into the scrum as a prop. There I came to realise that the chaos and physical stress of the scrum had more to do with technique than my size. So, why is it that there is such a huge chasm between what we see as an outcome (winning the ball) and the process to deliver it (scrummaging)? How come, smaller scrummaging units (defined by mass) seem to push big opponents all over the place? How come when we pick our side they look good on paper but poor in the field?

Recently, against all my expectations, EMyth gave FREE access to their definition of the DNA, the System of Delivery (SoD) that must be in place for a business to thrive. We too have fallen into the trap of delivering content, inundating customers with “how to” content to find that the outcome is less than perfect. We are inundated with data and information – I’ve yet to walk into an executives office to not see the walls lined with every imagined Business Success books, Motivational books. Listen to their discussions, peppered with “have you read”, “they say”, “the 7 step secret.” Observe (in a neat unused pile) subscriptions to magazines that hold the “pearls of great price” but the executive somehow fails to use these resources to produce the ultimate deliverable positive, sustained, change that creates and maintains a Business Asset of Value (AoV).

BIG outcome NO process?

The chasm exists between Inspiration leading to Education – AND – directed by relevant Application to their specific need through focused Implementation. Giving the executives free content and tools to enable the plan to become reality just doesn’t work! Either the executive hires a consultant to come and make it happen, or hires a coach to assist them to step across this chasm themselves! Our own anecdotal observation is that the former has a “half-life” of six months or even less if the motivating executive moves on, while the latter has a chance to make sustained change happen irrespective of the personalities involved.

The outcome is important but the process is more important!

The internet is awash with Business Development books, magazines and FREE learning! This means you have a heavy scrummaging unit that won’t punch its way out of a wet paper bag, unless, you can turn that education into applied implementation. The outcome ~ what we see ~ is important but the techniques ~ the process ~ of how we get there is of ultimate importance. You have to extract yourself from your job, from the chaos of everyday business life, the demands, the misdirected time wasting, the political strife and start building your capacity to implement an outcome that applies to your need. How? Take the learning and use a team approach to applying it in a relevant way. Then, start an implementation that builds an outcome. Time and Self management techniques are critical as are the selection of your (internal & external) change partners.

IEAI is a stylised icon representing the stages of learning. The coach works in the top half and "leads" work in the bottom half which belongs to the person engaged with Business Development work.

Get motivated to start!

I can’t count the number of times I wasn’t up to the stress of getting back onto the rugby field, but, the other 7 guys in our scrum couldn’t do anything without me, because you need 8 guys committed to the process to succeed! (I hope this sport analogy works for you) You need to get a partner that will be there for you when the going gets tough ~ sometimes the most important attribute of the Business Development coach is; fraternal concern.

watch a 12:75 minute video on the steps to guarantee successful Business Development work based on this SoD template.

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