certification for Business Development from EMyth

Studied through on-line and team experiential exposure with the aid of a comprehensive published body of knowledge. Attended the initial orientation course in lecture mode in Portland OR. Certified through formal testing and mentor evaluations. Using these skills in the CompanyOfONE while adding to these ideas with personal IP collected through a lifetime of exposure to business and people development – late 2010-2014 ~ currently no longer registered Feb 2014

United Professional Sales Association certification of competence tested against their body of knowledge

Certified through assimilating a body of knowledge under the auspices of the United Professional Sales Association. Awarded after passing a written exam which was based on the compendium of professional selling (COpS) ~ a world-wide certification body. Considered a professional through this knowledge and a proven track record of selling in a number of roles. September 2007-to-date

on-line certification of Inbound Marketing concepts by HubSpot

Certified by attending an on-line training course and completing a time-limited open-book exam. This certification is used in the inbound marketing of my own business while it is a required skill and knowledge for entrepreneurial business struggling with the modern B2B economy. June 2016-2017