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Advisory ah hoc Hour – informed Business Development discussions when you want them using matched calendars on a best effort basis

Block-booking 4 hours – structured to meet specific outcomes like sales/company kick-off using coaching analogies with expert revenue generation business process skills.​

Certified Guidance – through the EMyth platform use including 2x1hr pro-bono meetings to get you started

Coaching Log – fully documented and recorded coaching outcomes that are available "in the cloud" after a meeting as a comprehensive record of the coaching outcomes on-line for 6 months after an engagement ends

CoyOf1 IP – built from 21 years of professional delivery and study of the profession that delivers delighted customers and optimal work life balance

Delivery & Project Plan – flexible enough to change on the fly but with thoughtful input from the diagnostic phase. This defines the path through the curriculum coupled with a delivery project which you manage. This ensures that projects have impact and produce value for money.

Social Media – engage with twitter and e-mail notices backed by a LinkedIN presence – our paced access to Asset Building ideas will help you Build a Legacy(™)

Project Plan for Delivery – based on our own simple method of delivery – coupled with a proprietary Executive Digital Dashboard measuring improvement; elapsed time & outcomes; meeting your planning horizons and expectations

Executive Digital Dashboard – although this method and technology is used to deliver and delight your experience with our coaching – it is also taught and provided as a tool to guarantee delivery of your own business development projects to meet your expectations

Outcomes Value based engagement (OvBe) – mutually managed but with the coach as the initiator of the projects and responsible for reviewing and meeting outcomes from task owners supported by the referential authority of the entrepreneur.