News from the “front”

notes from the "front line" is our BLOG

By writing about our own skills, while being inspired by what we see happening in the everyday lives of our contacts, we hope to;

Help evolve the business character driven by the vision and passion of the entrepreneur, to produce lasting value in their business development lives & revenue, by jointly implementing a unique coaching methodology and paced coaching platform.

you get;

  • access to a full Business Development Body of Knowledge
  • a proven path ™ planned development structure
  • work where and when you want to with no traveling disruption or cost
  • at your discretion, invite 2 management members to relevant sessions at no cost
  • enjoy the FREE access to on-line eBooks and eCourses

we deliver;

Our Mantra – Care, Competence, Challenge, Commitment and Creativity.

  • By providing audited value; either monetary or life balance through careful diagnosis,
  • ​By reigniting entrepreneurial passion,
  • by applying our demostrable Business Development competence,
  • By co-creating an authentic voice to attract, delivered by appropriate action in delivery.

we are;

  • Business discipline of the complete 7 dynamics, 
  • Operating Industry agnostic,
  • value the ability to put back into the community through pro-bono work,
  • respect for the individual in our development relationships.