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Course Summary: Management

Planning, Leading, Organising & Controlling

Management competencies take the values and vision of an entrepreneurs future state and build the repeatable, quality and quantity systems (read steps) to get there, so, either you take off your entrepreneurial hat and descend to the management level and we’ve seen PLENTY of frustrated entrepreneurial leaders chucking in the towel here, or you hire ~ or ~ partner with, a competent manager.  

In our view, that is more important than getting “walking on water” technicians to design, build and sell your idea!

  • the entrepreneur’s function is to know, how many managers they can engage with, in pursuit of their vision through innovation,
  • the managers by how many technicians they can supervise ~ plan, lead organise and control in delivery of repeatability, quality and defined quantity,
  • the technicians boundary is determined by how much they can do for themselves, pride in skill honed.


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