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I found the book to be very easy reading and inspiring, with tons of helpful "war stories," easy tools that can be implemented immediately or form the basis of what could be applied to our business.

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Being "IT"


Doing "IT"

the Leader

Duration: 12:53m 

the Business System of Delivery(SoD)*

  • I’m called an entrepreneur but I don’t feel like one! Can it be taught?
  • We’re going OK, but could I learn to be a better entrepreneur? Can it be taught?
  • I’m a great technician, could I learn to be a good business leader? Can it be taught?
  • I’m a serial entrepreneur but don’t leave my creations optimally valued! Can it be taught?


Duration: 10:19m

what is your essence?

  •  a FLAME that reflects a burning purpose to be nurtured,
  • a SHIELD of protection that comes from being true to yourself, understanding your Values, Vision & Purpose,
  • a ONE “if it has to be, it’s up to me” you are the prime motivator on your quest.


Duration: 9:35m 

the Silent Killer of your business

  • “Finance that is misunderstood and ignored carry the seeds of destruction for your business
  • Abdication is like “I’m not a salesperson,” or “I don’t have the __________ to get to grips with numbers”
  • “Leave me to do what I do best ~ the technical work of __________,"
  • “I read the balance sheet but it might as well be in a foreign language


Duration: 10:56m 

Repeatable quality & quantity

  • it is the ability to turn the entrepreneurs Values & Vision into a PLAN that will deliver them through time,
  • to LEAD the technicians in the team to greater personnel achievement through employee development
  • to ORGANISE themselves & others by owning the enterprise organogram to develop, monitor & measuring position outcomes
  • to CONTROL the delivery of the systems in the organisation to produce, repeatability, quality and quantity against benchmark metrics


Duration: 17:41m 

systemised excellence

  • building excellence through quantification and orchestration,
  • where shall we start, how to prioritise projects and outcomes,
  • describe a System of Delivery that works for you!
  • measuring how it conforms to your expectations,
  • getting to understand how the client perceives our SoD


Duration: 11:11m 

a survival necessity

  • there must be a defined measurable deliverable that is not the “end game” like orders but execution
  • the process is all important and the ability of the salesperson is intrinsic to their makeup, the competencies which they posses,
  • nowhere else in the enterprise is the “steeped in our essence” as important as in sales, they must represent your core values & vision,
  • hiring a star from outside is the first mistake, promoting your sales star to be a manager the second & possibly fatal one!


Duration: 13.27

distribute your bait!

  • marketing has ONLY one objective~increase leads coming through the front door,
  • marketing defines someone who needs & wants to sample your essence,
  • marketing activities are defined by a system of deliver & forecast,
  • marketing uses a technique that names a problem and hypothesises a solution