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The Magic Quadrant is an EXCEL model that allows a Business Leader to capture 7 peer-review interviews and plot their subjective answers to get a plotted Boston Grid representation of Maturity and Competence. This uses the 7 Business dynamics that are a System of Delivery (SoD) found in most successful businesses in various states of acceptable performance.

The Entrepreneurial QUIZ is a 10 question self-evaluation EXCEL-model of the Attributes, the Aptitudes and the Motivation of a person, plotted against low and high measurements in each category. The Objective is to define areas of personal growth through training (Nurture) that can add to the Natural ability some people have for the role.

Many companies rely on the relationship with a client to generate mutual value, however, here is the rub. Personal relationships (what we are familiar with), are not based on the same constructs as Business Relationships. This video (15min) explores these differences about earning lasting rapport & relationships through delivery.

Selling or Managing the delivery of a GAIN project, means you have to get the decision makers to understand the potential value of the GAIN! They must  be able to build & trust in these numbers by "owning" the data. This model is an easy way to collect the data, make subjective or even qualitative decisions on the likely outcome and visually understand these outcomes. This FREE EXCEL ROI calculator follows the SoD dynamics and assists the building of these GAIN outcomes

The FREE resources to build a #revgen Revenue Generation Process

  1. z-PIPE-template-NURTURE ~ short Nurture template
  2. z-PIPE-template-LONG ~  Sales Workstyle Template
  3. z-CRM-template ~ the Customer Relationship template
  4. z-PqP-template ~ Project qualification Profile template 
  5. z-Sales Project ~ Executive APPROVAL template
  6. TQ-Sales Funnel GAP Calc-review-v2 ~ EXCEL Funnel Analysis
  7. TQ_Sales-FORECAST_0.1 ~ the Sales Forecast EXCEL tool
  8. ALL the above in one ZIP file
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