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free eBook, herding cats, named for the difficulty of getting people aligned

the Company of ONE

With over forty years of practical experience in our practice as sales professionals, trained and certified by admired leaders in the discipline of Business Development. Therefore, we are proud to offer this free e-book that contains the kernel of our Intellectual Property.

Pre-engagement Diagnosis

we exercise CARE in engagement, to be fair, not everyone can be coached and not all problems can be fixed, our 5C's engagement model protects "both of us"

on-line video-eCourse

you can consume our body of knowledge based on your Path & Speed ~ like this complementary  self paced video course

Complementary Tools 

all of the multiple methods of coaching and instruction are backed by workable or demonstration tools that can be implemented immediately as part of our relationship

Proven Effectiveness

we are so confident that we can deliver relevant and measurable change through our mutual activity that we are pleased to enter into an Outcomes Based Agreement

Over 1000 BLOG readers

our BLOG is only written when we solve a particular client problem  which we distribute through a LinkedIn open post as well as an eMail community which you can subscribe to here

Our Awards are Testimonials

we collect testimonials from our clients who have enjoyed and benefited from our interactions, you can give a testimonial here as well!

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Peter French, Mentor, Business Development guru, founder,

who do we write for?

“If you know WHY, you’ll figure out HOW.
if WHY is not identified or significant,
then, any level of difficulty in the HOW
will be enough to defeat you.“


founder - Peggy's Pies


The ease of assimilating the concepts and tools which were simple yet practical. This resulted in much more substance to the depth of discussions backed by the free book!


I found the book to be very easy to read and INSPIRING, with tons of helpful "war stories," wih easy tools that can be IMPLEMENTED immediately or form the basis of what could be APPLIED to our business


Transport Specialist

free eBook, herding cats, named for the difficulty of getting people aligned

'herding cats"

a Value driven epiphany